Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 12 - Transfer Week

View of San Ignacio from our roof.
This week starts off our transfers! One down, 1.8 years to go. Luckily my trainer and I are staying here, but one of our hermanas is being transfered to Argentina. I´m really glad I get to remain here in San Ignacio, because I love these people. I haven't had a lot of luck with investigators lately, but there have been some great miracles here these last 7 days.
First off, our small and insignificant one. The other day we were walking through Soreños, which is not our normal store, and we happened upon Worchestershire sauce! Elder Thorpe says that in all his misison he's never seen it. Not even in the largest stores in Encarnacion... He's never really looked for it, but nonetheless this is the first time he's managed to find it.
As for other foods we can find down here, yes we have soy sauce, no we don´t have cream of ___ soup, nor garlic powder, chili powder, garlic salt, and things of that nature. I haven´t seen tariaki sauce, nor cream cheese. However, some of those things might be found in the larger stores in bigger cities. Please continue to send recipies!! I love finding new things to cook.
View of San Ignacio from our roof.
Next miracle, Samuel has asked to recieve the discussions! So that's really awesome. He's the second oldest in the Servin family, and he, his younger sister, and occasionaly his mother attend a different church. However he was at church a week ago, and came to the youth activity this week and felt the spirit very strongly. We're hoping to be able to baptize him around mid-April. Unfortunately he has class from 3-10 at night, our proselyting time, and works during the mornings. So we can only teach him on weekends. We'll see how fast he can progress!
Our last miracle was Gregorio Cuenca. Gregorio has been trying to get married for a while, but hasn't had a lot of time. He's also had a lot of struggles with living apart from his girlfriend. He keeps insisting that it's alright to live with her as long as they aren't having sexual relations, or if he's in a different bed (At which point I feel like it's easier to stay with his family like he told us he would, than to bring 2 beds into his house) or other things like that. Last night he told us that he doesn't have work today, and that he's going to try to finish his marriage papers. Down here if you have even a single mistake on your aplication it gets thrown away... and he doesn´t write much in castillano. He also told us that he's aware of how sinful he's been in the eyes of God, and that he's going to fully repent and work on becoming worthy to take the sacrament again! We are super feliz for him and hope his papers go through this time.
I'm so grateful to be out here in San Ignacio helping as many people as I can to Come Unto Christ. Thank you guys for all of your support and prayers. I miss you all, and I'm praying for you guys too. Remember that there are always people who want nothing but the best for you. More than this, remember that there is always your Father in Heaven who wants you to succeed. He will do everything he can to help you learn, grow, and become the best you can be. Also remember that he has to respect your agency, and can't help you until you ask him to. Pray everyday for the strength you'll need to get through the day. Pray as if everything depends on Him. And don´t forget to get up and work as though everything depends on you.

I love you guys a lot and think about you frequently. Have a great week!
P.S. Meet Robin. As in Robin Hood. Also as in the dog of the familia Servin. They live 15 minutes walk from our apartment. Robin however seems indifferent to the distance, and follows us just about anywhere we go. However this time, not only did he follow us back to the apartment, but he followed E. Thorpe and I up the stairs and proceeded to sleep just outside our door. He is not our dog. He does not live with us. He does not care. He's actually really calm and happy, and I guess he really likes the missionaries.

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