Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 10 - My Life is a Bus Ride

I´m not even joking. Like, this past week I spent half the week on busses. It was terrible.

Asunción, Paraguay Temple
So Monday P-day, and I got to spend almost all of it in my area. Just after my last email, we jumped on a bus for Encarnación. Encarnación is two and a half hours South East of San Ignacio. Then when we arrived, we waited in the terminal for an hour before boarding the next bus out to Asunción. That´s a 6 hour bus ride which goes right through San Ignacio. That bus had problems with the AC being stuck in the coldest setting, and due to poor design, the air leaked around the vents, and it couldn´t be turned off. We were all freezing. That was an overnight bus, which put us in Asunción around 6 in the morning. Those of us that went had to do a little paperwork to make us legal in Paraguay. It wasn´t a lot, but I guess it can only be done in Asunción which is why we had the trip.

But we did get to visit the Temple while we were there!
That was so much fun. We didn´t get to go inside, but we got to visit the grounds, which as you can see are amazingly beautiful!
Salt Lake Temple and Asuncion Temple
Asuncion, Paraguay Temple
Asuncion Travel Group
Elder Mora and Elder Scott
Six hours back through San Ignacio, to Encarnación, and then another 2 hours back to San Ignacio put us back home around 2 in the morning. Last Sunday the branch president put together a huge chicken roast to help pay for a family´s trip to the Temple, but there was something in the rice that made all the missionaries sick. Wednesday was so bad that I slept most of the day in recovery, so we didn´t do any work that day.
We ate at this Burger King across from the temple.
Yay for American Food!
Thursday we had to go back to Encarnación because of a mini training counsel for all the district leaders. Elder Thorpe had to go to that, so I went on splits in branch 2 for Encarnación, which was a great learning experience. I took mental notes on different things other missionaries do. Then I took the commuter bus back to Central, another out to the area of the ZL´s so Elder Thorpe could conduct a baptism interview, another bus back to Central, and a final bus back to the Apartment.

Baptism for Moises and Mercedes
As far as Proslyting goes, we didn´t get much done, but we had a double baptism this week! Moises Servin got baptised, and the Hermanas had an investigator named Mercedes that weekend as well! Horray for two new members in San Ignacio!

This coming week we have a mission wide training with Elder Bednar. I can´t tell you guys how lucky I am to be a part of this grand work in San Ignacio. God has prepared people to hear this message, and I´m reminded of that with every miracle I see. This kind of growth and Progress couldn´t be possible without the help of the Lord. I love being out here, laboring in the vineyard. Do me a favor and talk with the missionaries in your area. If you can´t think of their names right now, then you can do more to help them. I promise you, we are specifically trained to know how to help members participate in the work. Go talk to the missionaries for your area and find out how you can help! God has prepared too many people to hear his word for the missionaries to find them all! I promise you won´t regret the time you spend in the service of your God!

That´s all for now! Love and miss you all!
We sent Elder Scott a welcome package of local treats.
Yerba Mate - a very popular local herbal tea

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