Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 9 - San Ignacio

Happy dia de los Solteros!

Or in other words, happy singles awareness day! In an attempt to leave time to respond to other emails, I´m going to shorten this letter up quite a lot, because it takes too much of my time. So here are some of the most important things that happened this week.

Monday night and almost all of tuesday was spent in busses and at our zone meeting in Encarnación 2 hours away. Wednesday almost none of our investigators were home, except for Rotibio, who is the man we hauled a gas can for. We had a very very interesting meeting with him both good and bad. 1st off, he read half of the book of mormon in a week. Yeah this guy has dedication. However, he had 2 large problems, He doesn´t agree with the idea of  Christ coming to the Americas, nor that anyone except christ can be ressurected. So he´s asked us not to have discussions. However he still recognizes us as men of God, and wants us to continue visiting and chatting. Honestly we aren´t too sad about it. Any man who reads half the BoM in a single week, is bound to have big things coming his way. We´ll see how the spirit works in his heart this next week.

We have one investigator named Alexis who is very smart, and picked up on several doctinal points without us saying anything, like how God planned for the Fall of Adam... We have high hopes for him.

Andrea has major issues with the people of our church. I guess she and the Cuenca family are constantly arguing, and so she refused to come to church because of them. Then she skipped town for work, and will likely be gone for 2 months. So she´s also out of the picture.
However the Hermanas are having a convert baptism this saturday, and Moises was cleared for his baptism as well. So 2 new members this week!!

The weather here is insane. Almost every day this week it has been wicked hot in the morning, and then dumps a rainstorm at 12:30. I´ll try and shoot a video next time it happens, because there is a rediculous amount of water in every storm. Yesterday was the first actual thunderstorm of the area, and for whatever reason, the lightning was well spread. Some to the east of us, some to the west, several practically right on top of us. 3 times the walls and lights shook with the force of the storm.

As far as accomplishments go: I can officially say I can cook on my own. We´ve done several meals of noodles, french toast, pancakes, and even home-made fried rice! I´ve also now officially been sick in Paraguay! Something we ate gave me and my companion diarriah today, but don´t be worried, we´re better now. I´m going to end by sharing a portion of my talk with you guys. That´s right I´ve also given a talk in spanish now!

In Mosiah 28:4 Alma and the sons of Mosiah are labled as the most vile of sinners, because of the things that they have done. And in chapter 27, Alma recounts being harrowed up with torment for the welfare of his soul. Where he once saw the darkness of the pit of destruction, he know see´s the brilliant light of Christ. The Power of the Atonement is sufficient for Alma, most vile of sinners, and it is sufficient for anybody who askes for it. And the power it contains to change, fix, and fortify, turned Alma the younger, into a man comprable to Moroni. Moroni 7 says that, if all men could be like unto Moroni, the powers of hell would shake... because he is a man like unto Ammon, Aaron, and the other sons of Mosiah, even like unto Alma.
The power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is sufficient for any and all who are humble enough to ask his forgivness and strive to change.

Thanks for all of your support, keep your head up, and stay strong unto the end!
Buenos Tardes!!

Peanut butter - and peanut butter cups - are pretty rare in South America.  This is a 1/2 lb. peanut butter cup Sam took with him as a gift for his trainer.  Today he and Elder Thorpe feasted on it.  We are amazed this thing made it to Paraguay intact!

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