Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 17 - Howdy Y'all!

Overall things went well for us this week. We had a few really good lessons and, as always, a few Miracles.

Let's start with Laura. Laura is an investigator that I met my second day in Paraguay. I couldn't speak the language yet, but I fought my way through the lesson without understanding much of what was happening. After that day, we never had time when she was home, and she was never home when we went to meet with her. For two months this cycle continued until this Tuesday. We somehow managed to find her and have a lesson. We asked her if she still had her Book of Mormon, hoping that in the past few months it hadn't been lost or destroyed by her 3 year old. To our surprise, she not only had it, but had been zealously guarding it, and reading it frequently! She said she reads it when she wants to feel happy or relaxed, when she's had a rough day, and sometimes even when she can't sleep. She still has quite a bit of lesson material to learn, but she seems super prepared already. Her baptismal date is at the end of May.

Laura Fernandez is another one of our investigators, differentiated by her last name, who teaches children for the Catholic Church. She told us she'd met with other missionaries before but that they'd never come back frequently. We had a rough time finding her as well, but we stuck it out and saw some great progress with her. She never read the BoM on her own with the other missionaries, which is why they stopped going by, but a week ago she had been reading and really enjoyed it. This week we explained the Plan of Salvation to her, which she really enjoyed. She said it was new, but that it made sense. We set a date for the end of May as well with her and recommitted her to reading the BoM. When we asked her why she was going to read she told us it's because she wants to get to know or to familiarize herself with the truth. We are really excited for her as well.

Zuni is still progressing well, but this last week they discovered Anemia. Her heart beats 2.5 times the normal rate, so she's being treated for that. Last week she missed conference due to treatment, and that's when they discovered the Anemia. It's bad too. Normal Hemoglobin levels are around 90%. Hers is 10.8 as of last sunday. She has managed to find a lot of strength through the Book of Mormon, and felt ready to come to church with us, but found out she'd have to travel again. Unfortunately I still haven't had an investigator attend church, but we're certain that next week things will work out, and Zuni can get to know the branch here.

Those are the most important things from this week. Another one of our more flaky investigators decided to move away from her family and wants to be baptised now. She's left her job and moved closer to centro so she'll be much easier to find. We also were guided to teach a man in his hour of need. We randomly decided to change plans and visit him, and as it turns out, his friend had died the night before. He was struggling with the death, and took great comfort in the Plan of Salvation. It was a really neat experience.

I want you guys to know how much I love this work. I get to start of every day reading the scriptures for an hour, and then teaching people about the mercy and love of God. Every day I wake up and wonder how God will touch the lives of his children through the efforts of my companion and I. It's been really great to see these changes take place in people as they find true happiness. Live worthy so that God can do the same through you. You will never know how God intends to use you for good until after it happens. But I promise that if you follow the promptings that come to you you will never regret it. And you will be able to work miracles. Through small and simple means the greatest works are brought forth. I promise you will see more blessings than you can imagine as you put yourself to work in the service of God.

I love you guys, and I'm so glad that you've made me who I am. I am so lucky to have made it to this point in my life, and I couldn't have done it without your help. You guys mean a lot to me. Stay faithful to what you know.


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