Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 19 - Record Week

Our zone just before transfers.
Four missionaries out, three new missionaries in.
So this week we broke basically every one of our goals. The Spirit of God was with us a lot this week, and we just had a lot of success. It's not really that we changed anything, but things just worked out really well.

For Starters, we gave a blessing of health to Zuni this week because she found out that (on top of her anemia and heart problems) she is rapidly destroying the cartilage in her knees and loosing the ability to walk. After the blessing, she could barely stand, and was "exceedingly astonished" as the scriptures would say. For the next half an hour we talked about the power of the Spirit, several experiences we'd had, and she asked us how long she had to wait until she could become a member! We laid out the baptismal requirements, including the interview questions, and promised her that she could feel this same feeling during her baptism, and when she enters in the temple for the first time. She was very excited.

Our other powerful lesson this week was with a woman named Rosa. She's a twin and 19 years old. She recently moved in with her cousin Cyntia, who we are also teaching, so that she could study in San Ignacio. She's very focused on work and school, and currently has no plans for a family. She also suffers lots of pain randomly throughout the day, and suffers from some kind of depression. She's convinced she can't feel happy. However when we explained the Plan of Salvation to her, she looked on the verge of tears. During this lesson she told us about her depression, and we bore powerful testimony that not only has Christ already felt her pains, but that he could heal her from them. We promised that if our church was the true church of God, then she'd feel happiness by keeping the commitments we give her, and that by being baptized, Christ could fully heal her. She was crying a lot, and we know it's because she felt the Spirit in that moment. We are hoping that we can continue helping her progress towards true happiness.

Several other things happened this week, but I only have so much time to write, so it is sufficient to say that we had 19 lessons of our planned 15, with an additional 3 with member, and 9 with recent converts or less actives. We also planned to have 10 new investigators with 4 progressing, and ended the week with 14 and 6 respectively. Overall things worked out ridiculously well this week, and E. Thorpe and I are super happy about it. We have managed to find some people that we truly care about and we are praying that we can continue helping them to come unto Christ.

Other strange things that happened this week. I ate Tripe. Yeah, grilled cow intestine. That was strange. The texture was alright, but it had a lot of juice, without much flavor. I probably won't be ordering it, but I can at least eat it. We also cooked biscuits and gravy. And they tasted fantastic. One more recipe for my Starving Student Prevention Plan.

I want you guys to know how great the Power of God is. I have seen so many miracles here in the mission that I can only attribute to God. I have had scriptures come to mind exactly when I need them, have explained concepts that I didn't know I understood, and have seen the Spirit of God work wonders inside of people. People have been uplifted in their time of need, and have seen the great joys of following the right path of Jesus Christ, all because the Spirit is able to work through me. However, this gift is not restricted to missionaries! I testify to you that every one of you will see these same blessings if you will just open your mouth. God has promised that if you open your mouths, the words will come. All you need is a testimony. Share what you know, and invite people to make a change in their lives. I promise you that as you do this, the power of God will be made manifest through you, and great works of goodness will be brought to pass because of your faithfulness.

Brothers and Sisters, I Love This Work. Thanks to every one of you who helped me get here, and who have made me the person I am. You all mean a lot to me, and I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to share the Gospel with the sons and daughters of God. Thank you for all of your support.

Until next week,

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